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12/17/2014 OR Voluntary sage-grouse initiatives in Oregon appear protected from congressional spending block ...
(Capital Press)

12/17/2014 You're invited to join in ... the Christmas Bird Count ... (BirdNote)
12/17/2014 BOOKREVIEW ... The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Second Edition) ... by Garrigues and
Dean ... (Birder's Library)

12/17/2014 VA Virginia to play critical role in recovery of Red Knot ... (William and Mary News)
12/17/2014 PA HARRISBURG - Snowy Owl rescued by police healed, released ... (Lebanon Daily News)
12/17/2014 BRAZIL - First-ever reserves established to protect Brazil's Araripe Manakin ... (American Bird Conservancy)
12/15/2014 IN Itís another good year for seeing rare Snowy Owls in Indiana ... (Indiana Public Media)
12/15/2014 CO Colorado preparing lawsuit challenging fed's decision to protect Gunnison Sage Grouse ... (AP/KKCO)
12/15/2014 CO Birding brings a new look at Rocky Mountain National Park ... (Denver Post )
12/15/2014 OH Countless crows, droppings rankle Springfield residents ... (LancasterOnline)
12/15/2014 MD BALTIMORE - Jet lands safely at BWI after bird strike ... with engine on fire and a hole in the wing ...
(Daily Mail)

12/15/2014 VA VIRGINIA BEACH - Red-tailed Hawk makes crash landing in Alanton garage ... (Virginian-Pilot)
12/15/2014 PERU - Greenpeace publicity stunt damages ancient monument in Peru ... (RedOrbit)
12/15/2014 New genetics study reveals how Emperor and Adelie Penguins survive the harsh Antarctic ...
(Science World Report)

12/12/2014 Congress throws Sage Grouse protections under the bus ... to secure budget compromise ... (The Oregonian)
12/12/2014 MN NFL Vikings, 3M to test 'invisible' bird-safe film for new stadium this spring ... to avert lawsuits and
legislative action ... (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

12/12/2014 Moving objects make hummingbirds wobble mid-flight ... (Discovery News)
12/12/2014 8 books to put under a bird-lover's tree ... (Seattle Times)
12/12/2014 NJ Photo of Cape May Piping Plovers make international conservation calendar ... (Press of Atlantic City)
12/12/2014 PA KINGSTON - Auto dealer finds Red-tailed Hawk trapped in pickup truck bumper ... (Wilkes Barre Times-Leader)
12/12/2014 Watching penguins, and their poo, from outer space ... (BBC News)
12/12/2014 CANADA - Peregrine Falcon sighting at The Vancouver Sun ... (Vancouver Sun)
12/10/2014 Feds officially classify Red Knot a threatened species ... (AP/ABC News)
12/10/2014 DC Lights out effort reduces deadly bird-building collisions in DC ... (Voice of America)
12/10/2014 FL Whooping Cranes expected to make annual flyover en route to St. Marks this week ... (WTXL)
12/10/2014 CA Popular bird-watching pond to remain closed ... duck deaths prompted drainage earlier this year ...
(San Mateo Daily Journal)

12/10/2014 KY Whooping Cranes reported in Kentucky ... state officials warn hunters not to shoot them ...

 12/8/2014 LA 14 juvenile Whooping Cranes added to La's experimental population ... (KATC)
 12/8/2014 AUSTRALIA - Six extraordinary Australian birds you need to see ... (The Conversation AU )
 12/8/2014 VT Snowy Owls already being seen in Vermont ... (WCAX)
 12/8/2014 NJ NJ Audubon says Red Knot will be listed as threatened ... formal announcement set for next week ...

 12/8/2014 NY Bill to save NY's Mute Swan population is sent to the governor ... (Legislative Gazette)
 12/8/2014 MD Snowy Owl ready to be released in Maryland ... has recovered from broken wing ... (NBC4 Washington)
 12/8/2014 UK Project to reintroduce Cirl Bunting hailed as great success ... (Western Morning News)
 12/8/2014 CANADA - Snowy Owls showing signs of influx ... 5 seen by one person ... (The Telegram)
 12/8/2014 UK PHOTOGALLERY ... stunning gallery of images from in and around Cambridgeshire ... (Cambridge News)
 12/5/2014 CA UC Davis study shows condors with greater independence have higher lead levels ... (UC Davis)
 12/5/2014 CANADA - Mega-rarity excites birders in New Brunswick ... not seen there in more than 100 years ...
(CBC News)

 12/5/2014 Documentary on ducks ... (PBS Nature)
 12/5/2014 AL Human-led Whooping Crane migration continues ... by ultralight aircraft or air-conditioned van ... (
 12/5/2014 AZ Environmental groups sue feds to protect Arizona pygmy owl ... (Science Recorder)
 12/5/2014 NY SHIRLEY - Beach replenishment project includes features consistent with Piping Plover habitat ...
(Long Island Advance)

 12/5/2014 UK RSPB criticizes hunter for video guide showing how to kill parakeets in your back yard ... (
 12/5/2014 AUSTRALIA - Bar-tailed Godwit makes 10000km trip from its northern Arctic breeding grounds back to Thompson
Beach ... (Courier Mail)

 12/3/2014 ME Maine's Piping Plover chicks have best year in decade ... (Press Herald)
 12/3/2014 IL Great Horned Owl photographed swimming in Lake Michigan ... (WQAD)
 12/3/2014 TN Red-tailed Hawk attacks, kills family's dog ... (USA Today)
 12/3/2014 CA Research project seeks to reverse decline of Surf Scoters in San Francisco Bay ... (San Jose Mercury News)
 12/3/2014 CA Drone helps California conservation group count threatened Sandhill Cranes ... (San Jose Mercury News)
 12/3/2014 FL Residential Thanksgiving street trash becomes feast for flock of hungry vultures ... (WFTV)
 12/3/2014 OH Ohio's Barnaby could be world's oldest barn owl ... (Columbus Dispatch)
 12/3/2014 PA Harris's Sparrow brings out birders from near and far ... (LehighValleyLive)
 12/3/2014 World's largest rat poisoning project aims to rid South Georgia of its rodents ... (The Guardian)
 12/1/2014 NJ Feds to decide on designating red knot as threatened species ... (Press of Atlantic City)
 12/1/2014 Birdsong proves geographical races have different responses ... (Earth Times)
 12/1/2014 FILMREVIEW ... Pelican Dreams ... written/directed by Judy Irving ... (
 12/1/2014 The lowly Starling ... many detractors ... few fans ... (BirdNote)
 12/1/2014 PA Snowy Owls may be preparing for another irruption ... (
 12/1/2014 MA BARNSTABLE - Snowy Owls make appearance on Sandy Neck ... (
 12/1/2014 UK NEW ZEALAND - Giant penguin bones lay in shed for years ... (BBC News)
 12/1/2014 UK Good table manners could save greenfinch ... (BBC News)
 12/1/2014 UK Wildlife expert says feeding fish and chips to eiders causes their eggs to fail ... (BBC News)
 12/1/2014 UK RSPB reserve works to boost breeding numbers for Black-tailed Godwit ... (BBC News)
11/28/2014 NJ Wild Turkey population explodes in N.J. as birds come back from brink ... (
11/28/2014 The weirdest incidents involving Wild Turkeys this week ... (Wired)
11/28/2014 SULAWESI - New bird species confirmed 15 years after first observation ... (Princton University)
11/28/2014 Saving this bird is the best thing humans have ever done ... why we should be thankful ... (Slate Magazine)
11/28/2014 MN Billion dollar Vikings stadium still not for the birds ... (Town Hall)
11/28/2014 WI More Wild Turkeys being seen in downtown Milwaukee ... (WISN Milwaukee)
11/28/2014 VA Crested Caracara in Virginia Beach ... (
11/28/2014 PA Snowy Owl tagged in Erie in winter 2013-14 reappears ... (
11/28/2014 SC Record number of Wood Stork nests in SC ... (Myrtle Beach Online)
11/28/2014 Vultures could hold key to surviving deadly bacteria ... (BBC News)
11/28/2014 AUSTRALIA - Orange-bellied Parrots' wild population doubles after recovery program ... (Yahoo!7 News)
11/28/2014 CANADA - Snowy Owl numbers on Nunavut island highest in years ... spike in lemming population could be
reason ... (

11/28/2014 UK Lapwings have record breeding season in RSPB nature reserves ... (BBC News)
11/26/2014 Study says hummingbirds actually fly more like insects ... (Washington Post)
11/26/2014 MN Lost hummingbird gets jet lift from Minnesota to Texas ... feds say it should have flown itself ...
(ABC News)

11/26/2014 Lawsuit launched to strengthen protections for Gunnison Sage Grouse ... (Wildlife News)
11/26/2014 MI Activists asking residents to stop feeding Sandhill Cranes ... the birds have become a nuisance and act
unnaturally ... (

11/26/2014 FL Turkey Vultures attack parked cars at industrial park ... (Palm Beach Post)
11/26/2014 BOOKREVIEW ... World of Birds: A Beginner's Guide ... by Kim Kurki ... (
11/26/2014 NY Rare Cassin's Kingbird spotted in Brooklyn, New York ... (Albany Times Union)
11/26/2014 VA VIRGINIA BEACH - Peregrine Falcon back at Oceanfront for 18th year ... (Virginian-Pilot)
11/26/2014 EUROPE - New strain of bird flu prompts warning for farmers ... (Voice of America)
11/26/2014 UK SCOTLAND - Fund opens for farms hit by flocks of Pink-footed Geese ... (Aberdeen Press and Journal)
11/26/2014 UK Peregrine Falcon rescued after becoming trapped in anti-pigeon netting ... (Plymouth Herald)
11/24/2014 USGS report says Greater Sage Grouse need wider buffer zone than thought ... (Spokesman Review)
11/24/2014 Watch a tree lose its 'leaves' ... as roosting birds take off ... (LiftBump)
11/24/2014 GA Cameras set up for Savannah eagles ... but owls have other plans ... (Savannah Morning News)
11/24/2014 WI Snowy Owls get early start in Wisconsin ... at least 31 recorded this month ... (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
11/24/2014 MN Birders want Kelm-Helgen gone over Vikings stadium glass ... (Minnesota Public Radio)
11/24/2014 CA Conservation biologists may have driven two species to extinction ... (Slate Magazine)
11/24/2014 FL Naples Zoo looking for missing Barn Owl ... (NBC2 News )
11/24/2014 BOOKREVIEW ... Hummingbirds: A Life-size Guide to Every Species ... by Michael Fogden ...
(Boston Public Library)

11/24/2014 NJ N.J. bill would help residents who cultivate natural habitats ... (
11/24/2014 UK Best year yet for Cirl Bunting project ... 100+ fledglings this past summer ... (Bird Watch)
11/24/2014 Eight new bird species breeding in Denmark ... (Copenhagen Post)



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