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 9/15/2014 WA Seattle senior housing facility ticketed for bird death ... for blowing nesting birds out of an air vent ...

 9/15/2014 FL "Legend Of Pale Male" ... selected as opener in Naples film series ... (Naples Daily News)
 9/15/2014 FL Florida Keys Birding & Wildlife Festival ... set for Sept. 23-28 ... (Space Coast Daily)
 9/15/2014 SCOTLAND - Kestrel numbers in 'steep decline' in Scotland ... (BBC News)
 9/12/2014 MN Project tackles decline in numbers of Red-headed Woodpeckers ... (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
 9/12/2014 CA Lead ammo kills Monterey County condor ... (Salinas Californian)
 9/12/2014 CA 10th Monterey Bay Birding Festival begins Sept. 25 ... Common Cuckoo last year ... (Register Pajaronian)
 9/12/2014 NY 18th Montezuma Wetlands Muckrace ... Friday Sept. 12 ... (Auburn Citizen)
 9/12/2014 DE Volunteers begin 2014 Hawk Watch at Cape Henlopen, Ashland Nature Center ... Sept. 15 ... (Cape Gazette)
 9/12/2014 MD Howard County Bird Club members invite you along on their treks ... (Baltimore Sun)
 9/12/2014 UK Newly-hatched chick is Britain's first baby King Penguin in five years ... (Daily Mail)
 9/10/2014 New study says climate change threatens 314 North American bird species ... including Bald Eagle ...
(Birdlife International)

 9/10/2014 Conservationists warn vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime ...
(Birdlife International)

 9/10/2014 AK US House passes amendment to Migratory Bird Treaty Act ... addresses the sale of Alaska Native artwork ...

 9/10/2014 Lawsuit seeks public records on Keystone XL's impacts on Whooping Cranes, Piping Plovers ...
(eNews Park Forest)

 9/10/2014 CA Bird watchers enjoy Barn Owls at Elkhorn Slough ... (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
 9/10/2014 NJ N.J. man admits illegally shooting migratory hawks ... from his front porch ... (
 9/10/2014 NJ 2nd Annual Fall Migration Festival at The Wetlands Institute ... Sept. 20 - 21 ... (Cape May County Herald)
 9/10/2014 UK Operation Owl ... boxes help save these beautiful bellwethers of biodiversity ... (The Guardian)
 9/10/2014 AUSTRALIA - Two once-common Aussie migratory birds nominated to threatened species list ... (Phys.Org)
 9/10/2014 AUSTRALIA - Citizen scientists reveal the secrets of bush and birds ... (ABC Online)
  9/8/2014 CA Nature Conservancy rents wetlands for birds in Sacramento Valley ... (Sacramento Bee)
  9/8/2014 OR Rehab efforts planned for Sage Grouse's land damaged in Eastern Oregon wildfires ...
(AP/Corvallis Gazette Times)

  9/8/2014 CA Wildlife groups sue feds over California logging ... (U-T San Diego)
  9/8/2014 Cat supporters accuse American Bird Conservancy of hypocrisy ... (Huffington Post)
  9/8/2014 WV ACCA releases Turkey Vulture on International Vulture Day ... (AP/WBOY)
  9/8/2014 DE Delaware's hawk watches start this week ... (WBOC)
  9/8/2014 NY Sand replenishment continues in Rockaway after being interrupted by Piping Plover nesting season ...
(New York Daily News)

  9/8/2014 UK RSPB installs 1km security ditch at wildlife reserve ... "to prevent anti-social and illegal activities on
the reserve" ... (Kent Online)

  9/5/2014 Scientists studying endangered Mascarene Petrel take first ever photo of bird with a visible egg ...
(The Independent)

  9/5/2014 CA Scientists plant spiked decoy eggs to stop Jays from eating real Murrelet eggs ... (WESM)
  9/5/2014 Climate change science aided by huge but 'invisible' efforts of amateurs ... (Phys.Org)
  9/5/2014 How radar could prevent aircraft bird strikes ... (The Economist)
  9/5/2014 TX Texas man pleads guilty to smuggling dead hummingbirds ... (KETK)
  9/5/2014 VA Red Knot decline spreads to Virginia ... (Center for Conservation Biology)
  9/5/2014 CANADA - 32 new Whooping Cranes is good news at Wood Buffalo Park ... (
  9/5/2014 ME Scientists monitor Semipalmated Sandpipers' movements ... (Phys.Org)
  9/5/2014 Cockatoos filmed making wooden tools to reach food ... (
  9/3/2014 UK RSPB panel says Turtle Dove could be extinct in Britain within a decade ... (Daily Mail)
  9/3/2014 Are Magpies really attracted to shiny diamonds? ... (Audubon Magazine)
  9/3/2014 CO Wild B.I.R.D. forced out of Denver location ... site shows just $7,040 ... (Denver Channel)
  9/3/2014 CA Great Horned Owl released after one year of rehab ... (KEYT)
  9/3/2014 WI 2014 Whooping Crane Festival set for Sept. 12-14 ... (Oshkosh Northwestern)
  9/3/2014 VA 20th Annual Kiptopeke Challenge set for Sept. 20 ... (CVWO/Facebook)
  9/3/2014 UK Man-made islands sponsored by bird club yield increase in Common Tern hatchings ... (Northern Echo)
  9/3/2014 UK Eggs of elephant birds still reign supreme ... no one has ever found a bigger one ... (Earth Times)
  9/3/2014 Cuban Tody ... on the "must-see" list of any birder heading for the West Indies ... (BirdNote)
  9/1/2014 AK Neil Hayward finds Brown Shrike in the village of Gambell ... only the 4th ABA record ... (ABA Blog)
  9/1/2014 PA Microbursts kill hundreds of birds in freak storm in Lancaster County ... (Lancaster Newspapers)
  9/1/2014 The largest-scale human-caused extinction in history ... (New York Times)
  9/1/2014 WA Seattle firefighter saves wounded hummingbird ... (The Weather Channel)
  9/1/2014 How America's most plentiful bird disappeared ... (WBEZ)
  9/1/2014 CA 1st Annual World Shorebirds Day kicks off September 6th ... (KQED)
  9/1/2014 AR Arkansas rice farmers urged to help count rails ... while driving their combines ... (KARK)
  9/1/2014 PA Passenger Pigeons found in various collections across Pennsylvania ... (Penn Live)
  9/1/2014 NY Bird-lovers rally to save endangered Peregrines facing eviction ... from a swanky Central Park West
condo ... (New York Post)

  9/1/2014 UK Study finds UK's wagtails suffering long-term declines ... (The Guardian)
  9/1/2014 GERMANY - Researchers discover infidelity among Crimson-breasted Shrike nesting pairs ...
(Independent Online)

 8/29/2014 PUERTO RICO - Puerto Rican Parrots born wild first time in 144 years ... (AP/U-T San Diego)
 8/29/2014 ICELAND - Iceland's seabird colonies vanishing ... "massive" chick deaths ... (National Geographic)
 8/29/2014 Feds giving renewable-energy free pass on unlawful bird deaths ... (National Review Online)
 8/29/2014 CA California drought could impact bird habitats, rice prices ... (KCRA)
 8/29/2014 Realistic robo-hawks designed to fly around and terrorize real birds ... (Wired)
 8/29/2014 "Hissing" Owls ... warning away unwanted visitors ... (BirdNote)
 8/29/2014 NJ STONE HARBOR - Dredge material use being tested to rebuild marshes ... (Cape May County Herald)
 8/29/2014 DE LEWES - Nesting Piping Plovers produce eight chicks at Cape Henlopen ... (WDDE)
 8/29/2014 NJ Leonard Soucy, 82 ... cofounder of The Raptor Trust ... (Echoes~Sentinel)
 8/29/2014 CANADA - Set-back for Calgary Zoo's Sage Grouse captive breeding program ... (am770)
 8/29/2014 UK Chemical pollution, climate change threatening 1300 species of birds ... (International Business Times)
 8/29/2014 UK Longest running weekly bird newspaper report in the world sees end of an era ... as local phone hotline
shuts down ... (Daily Post)

 8/27/2014 NY Ravens returning to New York City? ... (New York Times)
 8/27/2014 VIDEOLINK ... First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story ... (Duncraft's Wild Bird Blog)
 8/27/2014 CA California bans rat poisons that are killing the state's birds ... legal challenges coming ...
(Audubon Magazine)

 8/27/2014 CA Spotted Owls using burned Sierra Forest slated for logging ... (KCET)
 8/27/2014 NJ How to identify and find Barn Owls in New Jersey ... (Mike Britt's Blog)
 8/27/2014 OH Injured Sandhill Crane eating up agency’s funds ... chick on road to recovery at Nature’s Nursery ...
(Toledo Blade)

 8/27/2014 PA Domesticated birds being released, dying in Lancaster County ... (WHTM)
 8/27/2014 UK Rare Glossy Ibis might stay at Frampton Marsh over winter ... normally in southern Europe ... (BBC News)
 8/27/2014 CANADA - Whimbrels eating blueberries on the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick ... (Virginian-Pilot)
 8/25/2014 UT Images record amazing dance of the Sage Grouse ... (Salt Lake Tribune)
 8/25/2014 MI Birding by hot air balloon ... a top down approach ... (Allegheny Front)
 8/25/2014 Biggest bird nests in the world ... 2,000 pounds ... (Wired)
 8/25/2014 DC Snowy Owl seen in downtown DC in January dies in Minnesota ... (National Geographic)
 8/25/2014 CA San Francisco to tally bird-into-window death toll ... (AP/ABC News)
 8/25/2014 Leading national bird group challenges Army Corps plan to kill 16,000 birds for eating fish ... (YubaNet)
 8/25/2014 Researchers discover biological mechanism behind the hummingbird's sweet tooth ... (Red Orbit)
 8/25/2014 AZ CBD intends to sue over Clapper Rail deaths at solar farms ... (Yuma Sun)
 8/25/2014 UK Bee-eaters breed successfully in the UK for the first time in 12 years ... (Wildlife Extra)
 8/25/2014 First ever illustrated world bird checklist published ... (Birdlife International)
 8/22/2014 SC Wood Stork nest numbers continue to climb in South Carolina ... (Charleston Post Courier)
 8/22/2014 Study finds young songbirds delay departure and make frequent stopovers during first migration ...
(Science Codex)

 8/22/2014 How the current mass extinction of animals threatens humans ... (National Geographic)
 8/22/2014 PA Pittsburgh eagle webcam closes down for year ... (Tribune-Review)
 8/22/2014 VA CHESTERFIELD - Sandhill Crane spotted in North Chesterfield neighborhood ... (WWBT)
 8/22/2014 WY Cascade Canyon closures due to Peregrine Falcons lifted ... (Casper Star-Tribune Online)



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