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 5/15/2015 ME A puffin colony's 40-year journey back to Maine ... (Here And Now)
 5/15/2015 PA Are Loggerhead Shrikes disappearing from Pennsylvania? ... (Pennsylvania Ebird)
 5/15/2015 NC Red-tailed hawk terrorizes North Carolina neighborhood ... (WSOC)
 5/15/2015 UK Gurkhas 'helped save Red Kites' in Cambrian mountains ... (BBC News)
 5/15/2015 UK Conservationists warn 'biggest threat to nature in a generation' looming from EU law ... (BBC News)
 5/13/2015 Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts ... (USGS Newsroom)
 5/13/2015 OR Judge won't block plan to kill cormorants to save salmon ... (AP/Statesman Journal)
 5/13/2015 OH Global magazine editor says "When it comes to birding, America’s Biggest Week a hit!" ... (Deseret News)
 5/13/2015 PA If you like watching birds, Pennsylvania has plenty of variety ... (Lebanon Daily News)
 5/13/2015 PA PITTSBURGH - Chick hatches to Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcon ... (Tribune-Review)
 5/13/2015 MA Piping Plovers return to Duxbury Beach ... (WATD)
 5/13/2015 PA PREQUE ILSE - Palm Warblers the first to arrive ... means others are soon to follow ... (Allegheny Front)
 5/13/2015 UK England faces Hen Harrier wipeout after suspicious disappearances ... £10k reward offered ...

 5/13/2015 CANADA - CBC Manitoba's Falcon Cam back for another season ... (CBC News)
 5/13/2015 UK RSPB deploys SAS analytics tools to protect endangered species ... (IT PRO)
 5/11/2015 TX Slate-throated Redstart spotted in South Padre Island ... (Port Isabel South Padre)
 5/11/2015 CANADA - Hummingbird rescued from floral bouquet; released into wild ... (Times Colonist)
 5/11/2015 WI Avian influenza found in Snowy Owl in Wisconsin ... (PoultyMed)
 5/11/2015 ID Peregrine Falcon chicks hatch in webcam nest overlooking Boise ... (Idaho Statesman)
 5/11/2015 NY Tappan Zee Bridge Peregrines now proud parents ... (Journal News)
 5/11/2015 UK Osprey eggs destroyed by male interloper ... (BBC News)
  5/8/2015 LA 2 pairs of Endangered Whooping Cranes lay eggs but no chicks hatch ... (AP/KATC)
  5/8/2015 Go birding with LEGO for Mother's Day ... (GeekDad)
  5/8/2015 INDONESIA - Endangered birds found shoved into plastic bottles by smuggler ... (Huff Post)
  5/8/2015 Researchers say vulnerable grassland birds abandon mating sites near wind turbines ... (Phys.Org)
  5/8/2015 FL Wood Storks moving into a tiny island just inside a residential subdivision in Hillsborough County ...
(Tamps Tribune)

  5/8/2015 NJ MULLICA HILL - Officials say Mute Swan found with burns at state park now on the road to recovery ...

  5/8/2015 NJ MAHWAH - There's an underappreciated viewing spot near the Ramapo River ... (
  5/8/2015 TANZANIA - Survey finds 17 new territories for Critically Endangered Long-billed Tailorbird ...
(Birdlife International)

  5/6/2015 Study says backyard feeders can decrease native bird species ... boost invasive ones ...
(ABC Science Online)

  5/6/2015 CA California condor -- mother of 38 chicks -- dies after cancer treatment ... (U-T San Diego)
  5/6/2015 Keeping an eye on the weather will improve your birding ... (National Parks Traveler)
  5/6/2015 VA USGS develops smart phone data collection app to help manage Piping Plover populations ...
(Newsroom America)

  5/6/2015 OR Infrared technology to help in eastern Oregon Sage Grouse survey ... (
  5/6/2015 WY Sage Grouse official disputes study's conclusions on extinction ... (Wyoming Public Media)
  5/6/2015 NY Cornell hawks welcome first and second chicks of year ... (Ithaca Journal)
  5/6/2015 NJ Ocean City matador saves duck ... (Press of Atlantic City)
  5/6/2015 MI Kalamazoo Peregrine Falcon chicks are hatching live on webcam ... (
  5/4/2015 CHINA - New bird species discovered in China ... Sichuan Bush Warbler ... (The Guardian)
  5/4/2015 California Condors soaring once again over some of our National Parks ... (National Parks Traveler)
  5/4/2015 MT Mother duck, brood waddle through school on trek to nearby creek ... (Fox News)
  5/4/2015 MI Rare Whooping Crane spotted in Southwest Michigan land preserve ... (
  5/4/2015 DE Ospreys rebounding in Delaware ... (News Journal)
  5/4/2015 DE Season's first Piping Plover nest found in Lewes ... (Delaware 105.9)
  5/4/2015 UK Pigeon fanciers and the RSPB wage battle in the skies over threat posed by birds of prey ...
(The Independent)

  5/1/2015 PA Bald Eagle shot, killed in East Penn Township ... (WNEP)
  5/1/2015 UK Ruddy Ducks culled at Lodmoor to help save threatened White-headed Ducks ... (Dorset Echo)
  5/1/2015 Angry Birds to help save their counterparts in South Pacific ... (Phys.Org)
  5/1/2015 Army report says protecting sage grouse could hurt military training ... (AP/ABC News)
  5/1/2015 FL TNR bill introduced in central Florida county ... (Orlando Sentinel)
  5/1/2015 $4 million in US projects aim to protect sage grouse habitat ... (AP/ABC News)
  5/1/2015 LA Fireman rescues ducklings by playing quack ringtone on his cell phone ... (AP/Yahoo News)
  5/1/2015 IL Top Illinois birder dies at 92 ... (News-Press)
  5/1/2015 Ant Moat keeps ants from getting to nectar feeders ... (PR Web)
  5/1/2015 RI WARWICK - Woman returns home to find wild bird in her bathroom ... (WLNE)
  5/1/2015 NY ITHACA - Great Horned Owl nest is big attraction at Ithaca golf course ... (
 4/29/2015 AZ Owlets rescue sets off backlash online ... (KPHO)
 4/29/2015 2015 Audubon Photography Awards ... the top 100 ... (Audubon Blog)
 4/29/2015 An explanation of wild birds' role in avian flu outbreak ... (AP/ABC News)
 4/29/2015 AR Failure to find more Ivory-billed Woodpeckers doesn’t mean search was fruitless ... (Arkansas Online)
 4/29/2015 Study unravels global invasion history of the Monk Parakeet ... (Science Daily)
 4/29/2015 PA Three eggs hatched at Harrisburg webcam Peregrines nest ... (Patriot-News)
 4/29/2015 Study says diversity of habitat needed around Spotted Owl reserves for other species ... (Science Daily)
 4/29/2015 FL Lovers Key State Park wants its birds back ... like before the loss of sand ... (News-Press)
 4/29/2015 FL Burrowing Owl population might be declining in Cape Coral ... the city's 'official' bird ... (WTSP)
 4/29/2015 NY Cuomo announces state's involvement in Lights Out Initiative to save migrating birds ... (BBC News)
 4/29/2015 NY Jones Beach feral cats a threat to Endangered Piping Plovers ... (Surfbirds News)
 4/29/2015 PA Bald Eagles aren't York County's only birds of prey ... (York Dispatch)
 4/29/2015 COLUMBIA - Conservation initiative in Colombia aims to reverse Cerulean Warbler declines ...
(Surfbirds News)

 4/27/2015 NM California Condor lands in backyard of Los Alamos birder ... (Santa Fe New Mexican)
 4/27/2015 MT Residents drive pesky geese out of downtown Missoula ... (Fox News)
 4/27/2015 WY Feds move to speed approval for wind projects in Great Plains amid worries about bird deaths ...
(Casper Star-Tribune Online)

 4/27/2015 TN Some "Scarlet" Tanagers can be orange ... (Smoky Mountain News)
 4/27/2015 MI Sunrise Coast Birding Trail dedication set for May 2 ... (Cheboygan Daily News)
 4/27/2015 CA Monterey Bay a bright spot in the Snowy Plover recovery ... (KAZU)
 4/27/2015 BOOKREVIEW ... The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, An Ancient Crab, & an Epic Journey by Deborah Cramer ...
(Press Herald)

 4/27/2015 PA LANCASTER - Bird watchers will spend money on their feathered friends ... (LancasterOnline)
 4/27/2015 NY LI lawmaker says revised DEC Mute Swan plan should be stopped ... (Newsday)
 4/27/2015 MD Veteran birders travel world, find surprises at home ... (Delmarva Daily Times)
 4/27/2015 UK SCOTLAND - Report claims propose windfarm would take nearly 25 years to become carbon neutral ...
(Surfbirds News)

 4/27/2015 UK New report highlights the value of the UK’s wetlands ... (Surfbirds News)
 4/24/2015 CA Solar plant likely killed 3500 birds in 1st year ... (KCET)
 4/24/2015 Bi-state Sage-Grouse success shows importance of voluntary conservation partnerships ... (USDA)
 4/24/2015 OR Workers find Barn Owls nesting in giant nutcracker ... removal delayed ... (NR Today)
 4/24/2015 TN Research team sets out to study accelerating decline of Loggerhead Shrikes in Tennessee ... (The Tennessean)
 4/24/2015 MT Montana Legislature passes bill to fund Sage Grouse conservation efforts ... (Great Falls Tribune)
 4/24/2015 US officials say warmer weather should arrest bird flu for now ... (USA Today)
 4/24/2015 MA Orleans secures federal plover permit, opening more beach access ... a 1st for the east coast ...
(Wicked Local Orleans)

 4/24/2015 MA Spring sees return of shorebirds to Essex Bay Marsh ... (Boston Globe)
 4/24/2015 NJ Wild Turkey takes up residence at Closter supermarket parking lot ... (CBS New York)
 4/24/2015 CANADA - Nova Scotia hopes to protect islands in Cape Breton for bird habitat ... (CBC News)
 4/22/2015 UK Kestrel and barn owl fight out for squatter's rights to same nest ... (Daily Mail)
 4/22/2015 Jewell decides no listing needed for Sierra sage grouse ... (AP/Orange County Register)
 4/22/2015 IA Alliant Energy adds safety measures after electrocution of world-famous Decorah eagle ... (The Gazette)
 4/22/2015 CO California Condor 'feared dead' spotted In Colorado ... (KJZZ)
 4/22/2015 TX Aransas Project petitions Supreme Court to save Whooping Cranes ... (The Journal)
 4/22/2015 Birds Vs. Blades: Wind Power's Threat To The Sage Grouse ... (Inside Energy)
 4/22/2015 OR Conservation groups sue to stop plans to shoot cormorants in the Columbia River Estuary ... (AP/KOIN)
 4/22/2015 ME Don't overlook The Acadia Birding Fest ... (National Parks Traveler)
 4/22/2015 PA Birders warily watching how federal decision impacts shorebirds ... (WITF)
 4/22/2015 NY STATEN ISLAND - Bald Eagle eggs could hatch by mid-May ... (SILive)
 4/22/2015 Residents worry about future of Bethlehem Township birds ... (WFMZ)
 4/22/2015 UK Webcam Barn Owl pair lay first egg ... (BBC News)
 4/22/2015 AUSTRALIA - Researcher says sightings of Little Curlew declining in the Darwin region of the Northern
Territory ... (ABC Online)



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