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 4/27/2015 CA Monterey Bay a bright spot in the Snowy Plover recovery ... (KAZU)
 4/27/2015 BOOKREVIEW ... The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, An Ancient Crab, & an Epic Journey by Deborah Cramer ...
(Press Herald)

 4/27/2015 UK SCOTLAND - Report claims propose windfarm would take nearly 25 years to become carbon neutral ...
(Surfbirds News)

 4/27/2015 UK New report highlights the value of the UK’s wetlands ... (Surfbirds News)
 4/24/2015 TN Research team sets out to study accelerating decline of Loggerhead Shrikes in Tennessee ... (The Tennessean)
 4/24/2015 MT Montana Legislature passes bill to fund Sage Grouse conservation efforts ... (Great Falls Tribune)
 4/24/2015 US officials say warmer weather should arrest bird flu for now ... (USA Today)
 4/24/2015 MA Orleans secures federal plover permit, opening more beach access ... a 1st for the east coast ...
(Wicked Local Orleans)

 4/24/2015 MA Spring sees return of shorebirds to Essex Bay Marsh ... (Boston Globe)
 4/24/2015 NJ Wild Turkey takes up residence at Closter supermarket parking lot ... (CBS New York)
 4/24/2015 CANADA - Nova Scotia hopes to protect islands in Cape Breton for bird habitat ... (CBC News)
 4/22/2015 Jewell decides no listing needed for Sierra sage grouse ... (AP/Orange County Register)
 4/22/2015 IA Alliant Energy adds safety measures after electrocution of world-famous Decorah eagle ... (The Gazette)
 4/22/2015 CO California Condor 'feared dead' spotted In Colorado ... (KJZZ)
 4/22/2015 TX Aransas Project petitions Supreme Court to save Whooping Cranes ... (The Journal)
 4/22/2015 Birds Vs. Blades: Wind Power's Threat To The Sage Grouse ... (Inside Energy)
 4/22/2015 OR Conservation groups sue to stop plans to shoot cormorants in the Columbia River Estuary ... (AP/KOIN)
 4/22/2015 ME Don't overlook The Acadia Birding Fest ... (National Parks Traveler)
 4/22/2015 PA Birders warily watching how federal decision impacts shorebirds ... (WITF)
 4/22/2015 NY STATEN ISLAND - Bald Eagle eggs could hatch by mid-May ... (SILive)
 4/22/2015 Residents worry about future of Bethlehem Township birds ... (WFMZ)
 4/22/2015 UK Webcam Barn Owl pair lay first egg ... (BBC News)
 4/22/2015 AUSTRALIA - Researcher says sightings of Little Curlew declining in the Darwin region of the Northern
Territory ... (ABC Online)

 4/20/2015 PHOTOSPREAD ... Birds' Nests in Bizarre Urban Places ... (Discovery News)
 4/20/2015 NV Nevada lawmakers seek OK to kill ravens, aid sage grouse ... (AP/Black Hills Pioneer)
 4/20/2015 MI Mystery follows birds' migration path back to Michigan ... researchers seek more clues ...
(Detroit Free Press)

 4/20/2015 ME Maine Audubon naturalist aims to draw out new birders ... (Press Herald)
 4/20/2015 Success reported in first year of Lesser Prairie Chicken conservation ... (Midland Reporter-Telegram)
 4/20/2015 CA Monterey Bay Snowy Plovers hatch early this year ... (KSBW)
 4/20/2015 KY Ospreys get bird's-eye view of Kentucky bridge construction ... efforts to move them yield mixed results ...
(SurfKY News)

 4/20/2015 CO 9th annual Mountain Plover Festival set for April 24-26 in Karval, Colorado ... (Denver Post)
 4/20/2015 NY Human tempers flare over claws and feathers at a Long Island beach ... (New York Times)
 4/20/2015 SC 'Moon' bird grazing Lowcountry beaches ... chased off by dogs ... (Charleston Post Courier)
 4/20/2015 CANADA - Wild birds affected by fuel spill to be set free at Jericho Beach ... (CKNW News)
 4/17/2015 JAPAN - Researchers report dwindling bird populations near Fukushima ... (Phys.Org)
 4/17/2015 AZ UA ornithologist leads TV search for hummingbirds to the Chiricahua Mountains ... (Arizona Public Media)
 4/17/2015 FL Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, Florida has wildlife lovers lining up for parking spaces ...
(Orlando Sentinel)

 4/17/2015 NJ USDA offers assistance to protect and restore Golden-winged Warbler, bog turtle habitat on farm/forest
land in New Jersey ... (

 4/17/2015 SC How the Ivory-billed Woodpecker saved the Congaree Swamp ... (Smoky Mountain News)
 4/17/2015 CANADA - Haida Gwaii island's rat-free status expected to help endangered Ancient Murrelets ... (CBC News)
 4/17/2015 Lost penguin chicks try to find their way home ... (Scientific American)
 4/17/2015 UK Chef shot wild birds from his window then posted the kills on YouTube ... (
 4/15/2015 PA More than a thousand fans visit Hanover's eaglets in a single day ... as temps finally warm up ...
(York Dispatch)

 4/15/2015 NM Cinnamon Teal tests positive for bird flu at Bosque del Apache Refuge ... (KOB4)
 4/15/2015 CO Hawk Watchers continue to track hawk traffic along Dinosaur Ridge ... among North America's premier spots
to see hawks ... (Denver Post)

 4/15/2015 FL Sandhill Crane nest with chicks fowls Jacksonville road project ... (Florida Times-Union)
 4/15/2015 MI Peregrine falcon videobombs Michigan news camera ... (
 4/15/2015 MD Falcon, osprey eggs will hatch on webcams in Baltimore ... (Baltimore Sun)
 4/15/2015 WV Peregrine Falcons find home in Harpers Ferry ... climbing restrictions set in place ... (Herald-Mail Media)
 4/15/2015 UK Avocet makes rare appearance in Northern Ireland ... draws hoards of twitchers ... (Belfast Telegraph)
 4/15/2015 CANADA - Animal control having trouble corralling cormorant tangled in fishing line ... (Tri-City News)
 4/13/2015 Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation? ... by Jonathan Franzen ...
(The New Yorker)

 4/13/2015 Lights tuned to birds' eyes may help reduce aircraft collisions with birds ...
(Novus Light Technologies Today)

 4/13/2015 NE Warm weather boosts already great Sandhill Crane season in Central Platte Valley ...
(Grand Island Independent)

 4/13/2015 WY Climate change may pose substantial future risk to sagebrush habitat in Southwestern Wyoming ...
(USGS Newsroom)

 4/13/2015 Oil industry tries to prove science is unscientific ... (The Hill)
 4/13/2015 Survival of Whooping Cranes hinges on financial decisions ... (Victoria Advocate)
 4/13/2015 TX Texas man sentenced to 4 years probation for trafficking in dead hummingbirds ... (
 4/13/2015 Birds & Blooms Magazine rates the best public botanical gardens for seeing birds ... (Detroit Free Press)
 4/13/2015 VA VSO initiative seeks to restore American Kestrel habitat in Virginia ... (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
 4/13/2015 PA HAVERFORD - Haverford College professor studies predatory motion in raptors ... (
 4/13/2015 NY NEW YORK CITY - Red-tailed Hawk discovered dead on street in Midtown ... fell from the sky ...
(Picayune Leader)

 4/13/2015 PA PITTSBURGH - Peregrine Falcon Dorothy continues to surprise ... lays second egg ...
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

 4/13/2015 DUBAI - Ski Dubai welcomes king penguin chick ... (Time Out Dubai)
 4/10/2015 OR Feds to consider increased Endangered Species Act protections for Northern Spotted Owl ... (
 4/10/2015 OR Hazing of cormorants has begun on Oregon estuaries ... (Statesman Journal)
 4/10/2015 Goose commandeers eagles' nest at Alcoa in Davenport ... (WQAD)
 4/10/2015 PA DEP's live webcast of Peregrine Falcon banding set for May 21 ... (
 4/10/2015 MA New falcons take up perch on UMass Library ... (
  4/8/2015 IN Rare bird turns Indiana teacher into birding celebrity ... (Indianapolis Star)
  4/8/2015 Cuba's wildlife on notice ... Bee Hummingbird once wide spread ... now rare on the island ...
(New York Times)

  4/8/2015 UT Salt Lake City's webcam falcon mom given 50/50 chance to live ... (Salt Lake Tribune)
  4/8/2015 NJ Red Knots expected to benefit from reefs built as part of Delaware Bay beach restoration ...
(Cherry Hill Courier Post)

  4/8/2015 CANADA - Baby hummingbird 'very lucky' after being trapped inside Easter bouquet ... (Vancouver Sun)
  4/6/2015 CA California Condor waiting for egg to hatch in Pinnacles NP ... (KSBW)
  4/6/2015 IA Third of three baby eaglets hatch in Decorah nest ... (WXOW)
  4/6/2015 Operation Migration helping Whooping Crane population ... (Fox News)
  4/6/2015 UT Female Peregrine Falcon depressed, sick? ... nesting may be out this year in Salt Lake City ...
(Salt Lake Tribune)

  4/6/2015 PA PITTSBURGH - 16 year-old Peregrine defies age ... Dorothy lays an egg ... (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  4/6/2015 PA HARRISBURG - Web cam Peregrines now sitting on four eggs ... (
  4/6/2015 SC Piping Plover an obstacle to Hilton Head beach rebuild project ... (Island Packet)
  4/6/2015 TASMANIA - 'Urgent' crowdfunding campaign hopes to help save three native birds ... (ABC Online)
  4/3/2015 Map tracks northward migration of hummingbirds ... (Washington Post)
  4/3/2015 Blackpoll Warbler tracked across 1700 miles of open ocean from northeastern US to Caribbean ...
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)

  4/3/2015 PA HANOVER - Penna. Game Commission's eagle cam a delight for online viewers ... (Lewistown Sentinel)
  4/3/2015 How many species of Redpolls are there? ... (Cornell Lab)
  4/3/2015 MT Montana reports 1st H5N2 avian flu case in Gyrfalcon ... (Outbreak News Today)
  4/3/2015 FL 13th Annual Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest set for April 22 - 26 ... one of the most popular nature/photo
events in the Southeast ... (St. Augustine Record)

  4/3/2015 NY Red-tailed Hawk released after getting stuck in Queens power plant ... (CBS New York)
  4/3/2015 NY Utica Peregrine Falcons begin laying eggs ... (WKTV)
  4/3/2015 UK Salisbury Cathedral's Peregrines lay two eggs ... (BBC News)
  4/3/2015 PORTUGAL - Algarve birdwatching niche 'is booming' ... (Portugal News)



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