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 7/26/2014 IA Injured Decorah eagle released back into wild ... (KCRG)
 7/26/2014 MT MSU abuzz over family of owls perching on campus landmark ... (Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
 7/26/2014 UK Lucky black-winged stilt chicks who hatched on Friday 13th fledge ... (Surfbirds News)
 7/26/2014 CANADA - Endangered piping plover bullied out of nest by tern ... (CBC News)
 7/25/2014 VA RICHMOND - Falcon that hit Richmond building will lose left eye ... (CBS 6)
 7/25/2014 SC Hunting Island in heart of Beaufort Barrier Island IBA ... (Island Packet)
 7/25/2014 DE NEWARK - Red-tailed Hawks returned to the wild ... (WDEL)
 7/24/2014 KY Annual Hummingbird Festival coming to Land Between Lakes NRA ... Aug. 2 - 3 ... (AP/KFVS)
 7/24/2014 AZ Bird strikes down at Sky Harbor Airport ... dry weather helps ... (KJZZ)
 7/24/2014 UK Twitchers preparing to celebrate 25 years since the return of Red Kites to the Chilterns ... (Oxford Times)
 7/24/2014 SPAIN - Landmark legislation increases 20-fold marine protected areas ... (Birdlife International)
 7/23/2014 CA Bald Eagles expand range in Channel Islands of California ... (Fox News)
 7/23/2014 MI 15 Peregrine Falcons banded in Michigan for study ... (AP/13abc)
 7/23/2014 WV Eagles abound in southern West Virginia ... (Charle4ston Gazette)
 7/23/2014 DE LEWES - Gordons Pond beach reopens at Cape Henlopen SP as last Piping Plover chicks fledge ...
(Cape Gazette)

 7/23/2014 UK RSPB Scotland welcomes report exposing absence of golden eagles in southern Scotland ... (Surfbirds News)
 7/22/2014 NY NYC - Mischievous Red-tailed Hawk pulls a fast one on New York's Finest ... (New York Post)
 7/22/2014 DE WILMINGTON - Hawk chicks rescued from I-495 bridge ... (News Journal)
 7/22/2014 NJ New Jersey Audubon and partners to restore Stone Harbor Point ... (Shore News Today)
 7/21/2014 MO Researchers say duck migration reveals importance of conserving wetlands ... (Science Codex)
 7/21/2014 CA New methodology provides detailed insight on range, movements of California Condor ...
(Science World Report)

 7/21/2014 CA Lawsuit launched to halt destruction of 14000 acres of condor habitat at Tejon Ranch ...
(Center for Biological Diversity)

 7/20/2014 PA Goats key to stopping invasive plants at Hawk Mountain ... (WFMZ)
 7/20/2014 OH GREENVILLE - Red-tailed Hawk lands on a Greenville cop car ... (WDTN)
 7/19/2014 UT California Condor chick hatches in Zion NP ... (Fox 13)
 7/19/2014 OR New study says birds most influenced by precipitation, not warming temperatures ... (Nature World News)
 7/19/2014 Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #70 ... (National Geographic)
 7/19/2014 Studies show urban landscapes becoming increasingly bird-unfriendly ... (Smithsonian Science)
 7/19/2014 PHOTOGALLERY ... 10 cute hummingbird photos ... (Parade)
 7/19/2014 VA Efforts to restore Peregrine Falcons at Shenandoah NP showing success ... (National Parks Traveler)
 7/19/2014 An unusual duet with one of nature's best-camouflaged birds ... (Audubon Magazine)
 7/19/2014 KY Kentucky town tries to preserve Barn Owls at Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site ...
(Sioux City Journal)

 7/19/2014 Birds vs. military helicopters ... 8 wounded and 6 dead over the years ... (Strategy Page)
 7/19/2014 UK Milestone 100th Osprey chick takes to the air at RSPB Loch Garten ... (Surfbirds News)
 7/19/2014 UK RSPCA says tend your nets ... receives around 2,000 reports of birds and other wildlife being trapped by
them each year ... (Daily Mirror)

 7/18/2014 NH Summer Bird Watching In New Hampshire ... (New Hampshire Public Radio)
 7/18/2014 PA PHOTOSTUDY ... Red-tailed Hawk In Harleysville ... (
 7/17/2014 NE Brown Booby wanders into Nebraska ... 1st time in the state ... (Kearney Hub)
 7/17/2014 VIDEOLINK ... Flying eagle point of view ... (YouTube)
 7/17/2014 AK Study says rising mercury levels leave their mark on Yellow-billed Loons ... (Alaska Dispatch News)
 7/17/2014 OR Prisoners work on restoring Greater Sage Grouse habitat in Oregon ... (seattlePI)
 7/17/2014 Which bird guides are the most kid-friendly? ... (BirdSleuth)
 7/17/2014 UK Red kite chicks at Grizedale Forest after 200-year gap ... (BBC News)
 7/17/2014 UK Science meets ceremony in UK's royal swan count ... (SF Gate)
 7/15/2014 AZ Feds find live parrots smuggled inside Elmo Doll ... (AZ Family 3)
 7/15/2014 KS Texas biologists leery of Kansas' plan to breed Lesser Prairie Chickens ... (Kansas Outdoors)
 7/15/2014 FL Terns rebound on Ponce Inlet's Disappearing Island ... after employees installed bright green fencing ...
(Daytona Beach News-Journal)

 7/15/2014 CA Restoration effort includes installation of Cowbird traps ... (Daily Pilot)
 7/15/2014 MA Hurricane Arthur hampers breeding success of nesting birds on Cape and Islands ... (Cape Cod Online)
 7/15/2014 UK Second Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon chick dies ... (BBC News)
 7/12/2014 ANGUILLA - Dog Island declared rat-free ... native wildlife already showing signs of recovery ...
(Birdlife International)

 7/12/2014 UK Photograph of rare bird on Uist sparks plastic bags plea ... (BBC News)
 7/12/2014 KS Kansas to pursue Prairie Chicken breeding program ... (AP/ABC News)
 7/12/2014 CA Pioneering California bird researcher dies ... (KCET)
 7/12/2014 AR Reward offered in deaths of endangered Interior Least Terns found on island in Arkansas River ...
(AP/The Republic)

 7/12/2014 VA NORFOLK - Bald Eagle debate heads to court in Norfolk ... (WAVY)
 7/12/2014 3D technology used to help California Condors and other endangered species ... (
 7/11/2014 CA Bill that would ban regulation of lead ammo advances through U.S. Senate ... similar bill already through
the House ... (KJZZ)

 7/11/2014 IA Decorah eagle dies from electrocution ... (KWWL)
 7/11/2014 'Bee-harming' pesticides also hit bird populations ... (
 7/11/2014 MT Montana considers scaling back sage-grouse hunt ... (AP/The Missoulian)
 7/11/2014 TX Prairie Chicken listing complicates pursuit of spaceport license ... process grinds to a 'snail's pace' ...
(Midland Reporter-Telegram)

 7/11/2014 DE LEWES - Piping Plovers weather wild weekend at Cape Henlopen State Park ... (State Of Delaware)
 7/11/2014 PA Eagle nests at an all-time high in Northeastern Penna ... (Times Leader)
 7/11/2014 UK Swan shot twice through head with Crossbow makes miracle recovery ... freed into wild ... (Mirror)
 7/11/2014 UK SLIDESHOW ... Stunning images of a Bearded Tit, Marsh Harrier and Common Darter ... (Cambridge News)
 7/10/2014 WI Wild Whooping Crane chick spotted in Wood County, Wisconsin ... (Operation MigrationIn)
 7/10/2014 SC Scientists discover what may be the biggest bird ever to fly ... (CNN)
 7/10/2014 Environmentalists, industry squawk over chickens ... (USA TODAY)
 7/10/2014 TN Tennessee's newest park designated as a 'Birding State Park' ... (Clarksville Online)
 7/10/2014 USF&WS launches Greater Sage-Grouse website ... (Billings Outpost)
 7/10/2014 NY CORNELL - Young hawk's plight inspires support near and far ... (Cornell Chronicle)
 7/10/2014 MD USF&WS reports good breeding duck numbers ... 43% above average ... (delmarvaNow)
 7/10/2014 WV POINT PLEASANT - DNR rounds up geese and doves for research ... (West Virginia Metro News)
 7/10/2014 SC GREEN POND - Donnelley WMA provides diverse, accessible bird watching ... (Island Packet)
 7/10/2014 PA CARBON CO. - Jonas Boy Scout's project helping Pennsylvania owls ... (Pocono Record)
 7/10/2014 VICTORIA - Wildlife sanctuary set to release its first Orange-bellied Parrot into the wild ... (ABC Online)
  7/9/2014 Why this bird could decide the balance of power in the U.S. Senate ... (Fox Business)
  7/9/2014 UK Snowy Owls hatch at zoo for first time in 15 years ... (The Argus)
  7/9/2014 UK Gang of unruly peacocks trash gran's home as they go on rampage ... (Mirror)
  7/9/2014 MI Birding is big business for coastal Lake Huron communities ... (Michigan State University Extension)
  7/9/2014 UK Satellite tags attached to aid research of hen harriers ... (BBC News)
  7/9/2014 UK Volunteers watching over little tern colony in effort to ensure successful breeding ... (BBC News)
  7/8/2014 PA ERIE - Piping Plovers spotted at peninsula ... (
  7/7/2014 CA Fake eggs spiked with poison to keep Jays from eating Murrelet eggs ... (KQED)
  7/7/2014 IA Decorah eaglets' odd behavior ruffles feathers ... (DesMoines Register)
  7/7/2014 PA Bald Eagles set records for nests in Pennsylvania ... (Penn Live)
  7/7/2014 How to Draw a California Condor ... (
  7/7/2014 Small, quiet drones let conservationists peek inside bird's nests ... (Smithsonian)
  7/7/2014 FL Beach bird nests destroyed by motorcycle on Siesta Key ... (WTXL)



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