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 8/27/2014 CA California bans rat poisons that are killing the state's birds ... legal challenges coming ...
(Audubon Magazine)

 8/27/2014 CA Spotted Owls using burned Sierra Forest slated for logging ... (KCET)
 8/27/2014 OH Injured Sandhill Crane eating up agency’s funds ... chick on road to recovery at Nature’s Nursery ...
(Toledo Blade)

 8/27/2014 PA Domesticated birds being released, dying in Lancaster County ... (WHTM)
 8/27/2014 UK Rare Glossy Ibis might stay at Frampton Marsh over winter ... normally in southern Europe ... (BBC News)
 8/27/2014 CANADA - Whimbrels eating blueberries on the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick ... (Virginian-Pilot)
 8/25/2014 CA San Francisco to tally bird-into-window death toll ... (AP/ABC News)
 8/25/2014 Leading national bird group challenges Army Corps plan to kill 16,000 birds for eating fish ... (YubaNet)
 8/25/2014 Researchers discover biological mechanism behind the hummingbird's sweet tooth ... (Red Orbit)
 8/25/2014 AZ CBD intends to sue over Clapper Rail deaths at solar farms ... (Yuma Sun)
 8/25/2014 UK Bee-eaters breed successfully in the UK for the first time in 12 years ... (Wildlife Extra)
 8/25/2014 First ever illustrated world bird checklist published ... (Birdlife International)
 8/22/2014 Study finds young songbirds delay departure and make frequent stopovers during first migration ...
(Science Codex)

 8/22/2014 How the current mass extinction of animals threatens humans ... (National Geographic)
 8/22/2014 PA Pittsburgh eagle webcam closes down for year ... (Tribune-Review)
 8/22/2014 VA CHESTERFIELD - Sandhill Crane spotted in North Chesterfield neighborhood ... (WWBT)
 8/22/2014 WY Cascade Canyon closures due to Peregrine Falcons lifted ... (Casper Star-Tribune Online)
 8/20/2014 UT California Condors soar back from the brink ... (Audubon Magazine)
 8/20/2014 CA Emerging solar plants scorching birds in mid-air ... (ABC News)
 8/20/2014 Western Scrub Jays capable of metacognition ... can plan for the future ... (Scientific American)
 8/20/2014 CANADA - 2014 $50 Snowy Owl Silver Coins still available at face value ... (Silver Coins Today)
 8/20/2014 CHINA - Chinese Crested Terns make big comeback in the Jiushan Islands ... (Birdlife International)
 8/20/2014 UK Tests show rat poison used to kill Peregrine Falcon ... (BBC News)
 8/18/2014 UK Glossy Ibis makes rare visit to Frampton Marsh ... (Boston Standard)
 8/18/2014 JAPAN - Scientists report genetic abnormalities in birds, insects, plants near Fukushima ... (
 8/18/2014 OR Taking up arms where birds feast on buffet of salmon ... (New York Times)
 8/18/2014 NM Nesting Swainson's Hawks attack passersby at New Mexico university ... (Reuters)
 8/18/2014 GA Harris Neck NWR played important role in Wood Storks' resurgence ... (The State)
 8/18/2014 CA Lawsuit launched to protect San Diego's vanishing wetlands from airport runway project ...
(Center for Biological Diversity)

 8/18/2014 PA Annual fall hawk, raptor count begins at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary ... (
 8/18/2014 DE Delaware's first finding of West Nile virus in wild birds reported for 2014 ... (WBOC)
 8/18/2014 CANADA - Nest cups seem to be helping Barn Swallows ... (Orillia Packet & Times)
 8/18/2014 UK Collins Bird Guide goes digital ... iPhone & iPad ... (Express)
 8/15/2014 MD BALTIMORE - Avian activists try to curtail bird fatalities from collisions with city's buildings ...
(Baltimore Magazine)

 8/15/2014 Hurricanes present another threat to birds before and during fall migration ... (Surfbirds News)
 8/15/2014 New study finds many bird species besides House Finches exposed to "eye disease" ... (Newswise)
 8/15/2014 Birding by the season through the National Park System ... (National Parks Traveler)
 8/15/2014 MT The Butcher Bird ... life, death and fast food on the plains ... (National Geographic)
 8/15/2014 CA Developer plowing ahead with construction of 'Eco-Resort' in Western Snowy Plover habitat ...
(Monterey County Weekly)

 8/15/2014 OH CLEVELAND - Sandhill Cranes now at Cleveland Museum of Natural History ... (Plain Dealer)
 8/15/2014 PA PHILADELPHIA - Falconer Courtney Douds and her Red-tailed Hawk part of West Philly's vibrant community ...
(University City Review)

 8/15/2014 AFRICA - Africa’s vultures threatened by an assault on all fronts ... (Yale 360)
 8/15/2014 CANADA - Toronto police marine unit battling Barn Swallow infestation ... (Toronto Star)
 8/13/2014 BRAZIL - New population of Critically Endangered parakeet found in north-east Brazil ...
(Birdlife International)

 8/13/2014 PA PITTSBURGH - Watch Pittsburgh's Peregrine Falcons ... live! from The Gulf Tower ...
(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

 8/13/2014 AZ How to protect endangered birds from both logging and wildfire looms as a contentious issue ...
(Arizona Daily Sun)

 8/13/2014 ID New study finds Ravens rule Idaho's artificial roosts ... (Science Codex)
 8/13/2014 AZ Lovebirds in Arizona died from 'parrot fever' ... (AP/Yahoo News)
 8/13/2014 NY Manhattan millionaire condo tries to evict endangered Peregrine Falcons ... Jeff Bezos ... Larry Mullen
Jr ... (

 8/13/2014 NY Endangered Piping Plovers enjoy a baby boom this summer in Rockaway ... (New York Daily News)
 8/13/2014 OH Dayton airport hopes prairie grass will prevent bird strikes ... (Fox News)
 8/13/2014 PA Technology helps biologist keep tabs of southeast Pennsylvania's Broad-winged Hawks ... (Standard Speaker)
 8/13/2014 SC Waterfowl highlights diverse bird population at Savannah NWR ... (Hilton Head Island Packet)
 8/13/2014 CA SeaWorld's first test tube penguin is born ... (Tech Times)
 8/11/2014 UK White-tailed Sea Eagles successfully raise chick ... (BBC News)
 8/11/2014 VIDEOLINK ... Toucan Photobomb! ... (BirdNote)
 8/11/2014 NM Prairie dog removal contributes to Burrowing Owl’s decline in Sante Fe city ... (Santa Fe New Mexican)
 8/11/2014 LA Chevron recognized for supporting Louisiana's Whooping Crane reintroduction program ... (MyArkLaMiss)
 8/11/2014 MA TAUNTON - Turkey Vultures spotted hanging out atop Jade Lee Kitchen ... (Taunton Daily Gazette)
 8/11/2014 CANADA - Nine Piping Plover chicks preparing to leave Wasaga Beach ... (Simcoe)
  8/8/2014 MN Vikings Stadium a 'death trap' for birds ... (Fox News)
  8/8/2014 MN Minneapolis City Council unanimously calls for bird-safe Vikings Stadium ... (MinnPost)
  8/8/2014 ECUADOR - Cerulean Warbler, 300+ other birds to benefit from Ecuador land protection ...
(American Bird Conservancy)

  8/8/2014 ME Audubon asks public to watch bird webcam to help scientists study puffins ...
(AP/Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel)

  8/8/2014 3D printing project hopes to bring birds back to the city ... (3D Print)
  8/8/2014 MI Young Peregrine Falcon found dead in Kalamazoo ... (Kalamazoo Gazette)
  8/8/2014 PA Peregrine Falcons hanging around New Holland water tower ... (Lancaster Newspapers)
  8/8/2014 NJ Cape May County garden hummingbird tours Aug. 15 - 17 ... $45 ... (Star-Ledger)
  8/8/2014 THE NETHERLANDS - Researchers find insecticide causing bird declines ... (California Academy of Sciences)
  8/8/2014 RSPB urges re-think on drift net ban ... penalizes responsible small-scale fishermen ... (Surfbirds News)



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