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 1/21/2015 OR Seabirds of Puget Sound showing signs of recovery ... (
 1/21/2015 OR Jogger attacked by owl thought he was dying ... (USA Today)
 1/21/2015 CA Bird deaths at Calif. power plant a PR nightmare for industry ... (Environment & Energy Publishing)
 1/21/2015 LA Why is there a white pelican on Louisiana's official state flag if the state bird is a brown pelican? ...

 1/21/2015 PA PITTSBURGH - Why starlings are still the unwelcome avian guest ... (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
 1/21/2015 RI Rhode Island Audubon kicks off its year-long birding competition ... (Rhode Island Public Radio)
 1/21/2015 BOOKREVIEW ... Facing Extinction: The world's rarest birds and the race to save them ...
(National Parks Traveler)

 1/19/2015 MN Feds working to keep Minnesota's Golden-winged Warbler off endangered species list ... (Union Gazette)
 1/19/2015 CA Stanford scientist says industrial revolution of the oceans will imperil wildlife ...
(Stanford University News)

 1/19/2015 Feds plan to remove junipers in southwest Idaho ... to conserve Sage Grouse habitat ...
 1/19/2015 TN New Tennessee birding trail available on website ... (Knoxville News Sentinel)
 1/19/2015 NJ Experts say Black vulture Numbers on rise at the Jersey Shore ... (AP/New Jersey 101.5 FM)
 1/19/2015 MD Harford Bird Club helps foster interest in birding ... (Baltimore Sun)
 1/19/2015 MA Herman DíEntremont ... birding community loses a friend and ambassador ... (Daily News of Newburyport)
 1/19/2015 PITTSBURGH - Dog survives attack from Red-tailed Hawk ... (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
 1/16/2015 NOVA SCOTIA - White Point Beach Piping Plover enjoying warmer weather in the Bahamas ... (Nova News Now)
 1/16/2015 OR Duck shot by hunter is first wild bird in Oregon confirmed to have avian flu ... (The Oregonian)
 1/16/2015 MD Common Mergansers okay with cold temps ... (Bay Journal)
 1/16/2015 UK 'Breakthrough' for wildlife crime investigators ... scientists now able to obtain fingerprints from
feathers and eggs ... (BBC News)

 1/16/2015 UK RSPB Scotland calls for judicial review into offshore windfarm projects ... (BBC News)
 1/16/2015 CANADA - Vancouver bird-proofing buildings ... hopes to attract birding conferences ... (24 Hours Vancouver)
 1/14/2015 NY Ornithologists study evolution of birds' rare colored eggs ... (Buffalo News)
 1/14/2015 NV Kowa to display its new BD-XD binoculars at Las Vegas show ... (PR Web)
 1/14/2015 AUSTRALIA - Australia's migratory shorebirds at risk from Asia's urban sprawl ... (Brisbane Times)
 1/14/2015 MT Study finds Burrowing Owls flew almost 2000 miles ... (Billings Gazette)
 1/14/2015 WY Casper area bird count sees Sage Grouse double ... Gray Partridges quadruple ... (Casper Star-Tribune)
 1/14/2015 Partnership to help Sage-Grouse continues to grow ... (USDA)
 1/14/2015 FL Boardwalk opens views to Big Talbot Island as much of Timucuan Trail awaits funding ...
(Florida Times-Union)

 1/14/2015 OH State evicts pesky cormorants from northeastern Ohio lake ... (Columbus Dispatch)
 1/14/2015 CANADA - Calgary Zoo set to renew popular daily penguin walks ... (Calgary Sun)
 1/12/2015 CA Appearance of baby California Condor surprises wildlife experts ... believed to have been secretly born in
the wild ... (Reuters/Yahoo! News)

 1/12/2015 CA WEBCAM image of 'mystery' condor ... secret love child? ... (AP/Yahoo! News)
 1/12/2015 MO Missouri gets its first-ever Ivory Gull sighting ... when Illinois bird crosses the Mississippi ...
(Kansas City Star)

 1/12/2015 MS Mississippi gets its first ever Tropical Kingbird ... (
 1/12/2015 New study shows birds do not recognize how fast a vehicle is approaching ... (Smithsonian)
 1/12/2015 MN Nearly 60000 raptors counted at Hawk Ridge ... (Duluth News Tribune)
 1/12/2015 CA Chevron settles with District Attorney for bird deaths in San Ardo oil field ... (Monterey County Weekly)
 1/12/2015 DE PHOTOSTUDY ... Birds at Bombay Hook, Indian River Inlet ... (
 1/12/2015 ME Even expert birders make mistakes ... when they're away from home ... (Bangor Daily News)
  1/9/2015 Taking bird watching to a new level with 3D printing ... (
  1/9/2015 Winter bird feeding ... good? Or bad? ... (Nature Conservancy)
  1/9/2015 IL Some bird-watchers driving 12+ hours ... to see Ivory Gull in Illinois ... (Chicago Tribune)
  1/9/2015 WY PacifiCorp pleads guilty ... to charges stemming in part from discovery of 38 Golden Eagle carcasses ...
(USF&WS New Release)

  1/9/2015 UT Jewell orders firefighting strategy that protects habitat in Utah, other states ... (Salt Lake Tribune)
  1/9/2015 ID Boise State professor tapped to help save Sage Grouse habitat ... (Boise State Public Radio)
  1/9/2015 TN 24th Sandhill Crane Festival set for Jan. 17-18 ... (The Chattanoogan)
  1/9/2015 FL Everglades Birding Festival runs Jan. 15-19 ... (Sun Sentinel)
  1/9/2015 PA ERIE - Why we're crazy for Snowy Owls ... like this one at Gull Point at Presque Isle SP ... (
  1/9/2015 UK RSPB withdraws backing for Garden Bridge across the Thames ... (Architects' Journal)
  1/7/2015 DE Rising sea level swallowing Red Knotís migration stopovers ... (Bay Journal)
  1/7/2015 WI DNR reports another record number of Snowy Owl appearances this year ... (WTAQ)
  1/7/2015 NV State, Federal agencies still working on Sage Grouse plans ... (KRNV)
  1/7/2015 TN Western hummingbirds seen more and more often in Tennessee ... (
  1/7/2015 FL Space Coast Birding Festival set for January 21-26 ... (Space Coast Daily)
  1/7/2015 VA Rare sightings at Annapolis, Gibson Island bird count ... (AP/Washington Post)
  1/7/2015 NC Wake Forest wants perching, pooping vultures to buzz off ... (WNCN)
  1/7/2015 UK New book recalls the day a Golden-winged Warbler arrived in the UK back in the 80s ... (Kent Online)
  1/5/2015 IL Ivory Gull spotted on the Mississippi in Illinois ... first since 1991 ... (WGEM)
  1/5/2015 MN Issue of bird-friendly glass for Vikings new stadium will not go away ... (People's Press)
  1/5/2015 TX Peregrine Falcon born in Nebraska spotted 900 miles away in Texas ... (KLKN)
  1/5/2015 MN Threatened Golden-winged Warbler finds oasis in Minnesota ... (Northland's NewsCenter)
  1/5/2015 WI Rare Northern Hawk Owl sighted south of Eau Claire ... (Leader-Telegram)
  1/5/2015 TX Supreme Court may get to hear Texas Whooping Crane case ... (mySA)
  1/5/2015 OH State cuts down trees where Cormorants nested ... to rid island of the pesky birds ... (AP/
  1/5/2015 CANADA - Golden Eagle sighting creates buzz among birders ... (Vancouver Sun)
  1/5/2015 CANADA - Airport-loving Snowy Owls trigger trapping response ... (Windsor Star)
  1/2/2015 PA Studying bird lice for answers on pathogens and evolution ... at Academy of Natural Sciences ...

  1/2/2015 Can one "bird nerd" crush the round-the-world Big Year record? ... with little more than a backpack and a
spotting scope? ... (Audubon Magazine)

  1/2/2015 Can we say its an irruption this year? ... (National Parks Traveler)
  1/2/2015 Why are Snowy Owls moving so far from their Arctic home? ... (PBS NewsHour)
  1/2/2015 CA Court finds no harm to Marbled Murrelet from small logging project ... (Courthouse News Service )
  1/2/2015 Sage-Grouse rider to FY15 appropriations bill frustrates conservation efforts ... (National Law Review)
  1/2/2015 MI Efforts by power plant employees in Michigan recognized by Wildlife Habitat Council ... (
  1/2/2015 NH Snowy owls spotted at NH airports ... (WMUR)
  1/2/2015 VA Snowy Owl at Reagan National Airport may have taken off ... (Washington Post)
  1/2/2015 NC Effect of Red Knot's new protection on NC unclear ... (Star News)
  1/2/2015 CANADA - Snowy Owls showing signs of distress in Nova Scotia ... thin and malnourished ... (
  1/2/2015 CANADA - Rare Eurasian Kestrel delights birders in Eastern Passage ... (
12/31/2014 Audubon's Christmas Bird Count turns 115 ... why does it matter ... (National Geographic)
12/31/2014 CANADA - Snowy Owl 'epidemic' sweeps across Ontario ... (CBC News)
12/31/2014 NJ Come see the Snowy Owls ... but keep off Island Beach State Park dunes ... (Shorebeat)
12/31/2014 CO Gunnison County may sue feds over Gunnison grouse ... (AP/CBS Denver)
12/31/2014 FL Loner Whooping Crane prefers to hang with sandhills during long migration ... (Gainesville Sun)
12/31/2014 Annual Christmas Bird Count provides vital conservation data ... (McClatchyDC)
12/31/2014 LA Biologists releasing 14 Endangered Whooping Cranes in Louisiana swamp ... (WDSU)
12/31/2014 WA Washington state gets help from feds with avian flu testing ... (CBS Seattle)
12/31/2014 NY Birders chirp with excitement over West Village visitor ... (CBS New York)
12/31/2014 PA ERIE - Snowy Owls draw watchers to Presque Isle ... (
12/31/2014 UK Wind farm is threat to wildlife claims RSPB ... (Energy Live News)
12/29/2014 Study results published on half-female, half-male Northern Cardinal ... (Science Mag)
12/29/2014 Oldest known bird in the wild lays another egg ... (Audubon Magizone)
12/29/2014 OR Oregon Wild Bird Photo Contest winners capture stunning shots ... (Mail Tribune)
12/29/2014 CA Nature Conservancy uses drones to help count its Sandhill Cranes ... (Waterbury Republican American)
12/29/2014 MN Viracon to begin production of non-bird safe glass for Vikings Stadium in January ...
(Owatonna People's Press)

12/29/2014 MO E-bird stamps out Missouri's CACHE and SPARKS programs ... (Columbia Daily Tribune)
12/29/2014 PA Philly area birders beak deep in 2014 Christmas Bird Count ... (
12/29/2014 NJ Visiting sculptor turns ugly stump in Lumberton into soaring Red-tailed Hawk ... (



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