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 3/23/2015 MI Elusive blackbird species focus of Michigan contest ... (Detroit News)
 3/23/2015 NE Water release to benefit Whooping Cranes along the Platte ... (NTV)
 3/23/2015 OR Audubon Society threatens lawsuit over cormorant killing plan ... (KTVZ)
 3/23/2015 ISRAEL - Birdwatchers flock to Israel for 2nd annual 'Champions of the Flyway' in the Arava ...
(Jerusalem Post)

 3/23/2015 UK Court blocks seagull cull ... (BBC News)
 3/20/2015 Mercury pollution poses threat to Arctic birds ... (Digital Journal)
 3/20/2015 MN Bird lovers' take their long push to make the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium safer to their Legislators ...
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)

 3/20/2015 Study says light pollution influences the seasonal start of bird vocalisations ... (Phys.Org)
 3/20/2015 GA Re-positioned web cam streams nesting Peregrines from Downtown Atlanta ... (Lake Lanier)
 3/20/2015 NY New cameras give better view of Syracuse's nesting Peregrine Falcons ... (
 3/20/2015 PA Birder part of mission to save Lake Somerset before its earthen dam bulldozed ... 200+ species ...

 3/20/2015 UK LONDON - Peregrine Falcons nesting on mobile phone masts cause poor signal ... (The Telegraph)
 3/18/2015 ID Trumpeter Swan numbers up in Idaho after birds learn new survival skill ... (Boise State Public Radio)
 3/18/2015 MI Injunction sought over alleged wind turbine threat to eagles, other protected species in Upper Peninsula ...

 3/18/2015 NY Anglers, seafood purchasers battle hungry cormorants on Lake Champlain ... (Boston Globe)
 3/18/2015 UK IUCN says crucial bird and mammal pollinators moving to extinction ... (International Business Times UK)
 3/18/2015 SPAIN - Noisy monk parakeets invade public parks and gardens throughout Spain ... (Spanish News Today)
 3/18/2015 UK Poll to find first national bird for Britain ... the shortlist in pictures ... (BBC News)
 3/16/2015 WV West Virginia’s Bald Eagle population has come a long way ... (Charleston Gazette)
 3/16/2015 IL Illinois to remove Peregrine Falcon from threatened list ... (Quad City Times)
 3/16/2015 NE Why Sandhill Cranes are worth a trip to Nebraska ... (Wall Street Journal)
 3/16/2015 NE VIDEOLINK ... watch Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska live ... (Audubon Magazine)
 3/16/2015 VIDEOLINK ... Beautiful slow-motion footage of a hummingbird in flight ... (Daily Mail)
 3/16/2015 US bird experts mystified by Midwest avian flu spread ... (Reuters)
 3/16/2015 New study shows why hummingbirds don't even notice turbulence ... (Nature World News)
 3/16/2015 SC Dungannon boardwalk temporarily closed to protect nesting Wood Storks ... (Charleston Post Courier)
 3/16/2015 PA The Chickadee’s guide to gardening ... choose plants that help the environment ... (New York Times)
 3/16/2015 CROATIA - Neanderthals used eagle talons to make world's oldest jewelry ... (Tech Times)
 3/16/2015 AUSTRALIA - Rescued Magpie becomes lifelong friend with the family that saved her life ... (
 3/13/2015 DE Migrating Tundra Swans make unusual stop in Delaware ... (USA Today)
 3/13/2015 2115 Great Backyard Bird Count sets new species record ... (Cornell)
 3/13/2015 CA American Bird Conservancy calls for independent review of wind power wildlife deaths ... (KCET)
 3/13/2015 ME Maine Audubon partners with Yarmouth Press to bring wildlife tales to children ... (Bangor Daily News)
 3/13/2015 AL 11 Alabama bird-watching spots you'll want to visit just for the beauty ... (
 3/13/2015 10 tips to get you started birding ... (Seattle Times)
 3/13/2015 NY NYC - Snowy Owls' visit reveals migration habits ... (Live Science)
 3/13/2015 PA PHILADELPHIA - St. Joe's coupling hawks get a book of their own ... (
 3/13/2015 VA Peregrine Falcons captured on webcam living on the ledge of James River Bridge in Hampton Roads ...
(Daily Press)

 3/13/2015 UK Sheffield's popular Peregrine Falcons back getting web users in a flap ... (The Star)
 3/13/2015 UK Little Terns to be attracted by hand-painted models at Langstone Harbour ... (BBC News)
 3/11/2015 NY Cornell study finds birders, hunters most active conservationists ... (Phys.Org)
 3/11/2015 Nature's fighter jets with flapping wings ... (New York Times)
 3/11/2015 MD BALTIMORE - New web cam focuses on Peregrines in downtown Baltimore ... (WTOP)
 3/11/2015 NE As bird lovers flock to see Sandhill Cranes, Nebraska studies their behavior ... (Grand Island Independent)
 3/11/2015 IN Indiana Dunes a top birding spot in Midwest ... (NWI Times)
 3/11/2015 NY New York State revises plan to deal with Mute Swan populations ... (Tech Times)
 3/11/2015 UK CYPRUS - RSBP says nearly 1 mil songbirds killed at British military base ... (Forces TV)
 3/11/2015 PHILIPINNES - Twitching in war zones ... (The Telegraph)
  3/9/2015 PA Bald Eagles spotted on webcam protecting eggs from the snow ... (ABC News)
  3/9/2015 BURMA - 'Extinct' bird rediscovered in Myanmar ... last seen 1941 ... (National Geographic)
  3/9/2015 CA San Diego Zoo condor being treated for beak cancer ... (Los Angeles Times)
  3/9/2015 CA Largest city in Northern California to adopt bird-friendly building guidelines ... (The Chattanoogan)
  3/9/2015 AZ Displaced Burrowing Owls get new home on March 9 ... (EMCC News)
  3/9/2015 NY Peregrine love birds reunite atop Tappan Zee Bridge ... (Journal News)
  3/9/2015 PA Pennsylvania makes strong showing in Great Backyard Bird Count ... (Scranton Times-Tribune)
  3/9/2015 UK New research provides farmers with techniques to help turtle dove recovery ... (Surfbirds News)
  3/6/2015 PA Longtime Hanover birder cited for eagle-nest misstep ... (York Dispatch)
  3/6/2015 PA Pennsylvania ice fishermen pull up live bird ... (National Geographic)
  3/6/2015 WALES - Study reveals north/south genetic divide in Welsh red kite ... (Phys.Org)
  3/6/2015 How do birds know when to migrate? ... (Discovery News)
  3/6/2015 MO Hawk that crashed through bedroom window gets prosthetic tail ... (KCTV)
  3/6/2015 SC Rules for the black birdwatcher ... (The Guardian)
  3/6/2015 INDONESIA - DNA reveals bird habitat shift surprise ... (BBC News)
  3/6/2015 AUSTRALIA - Hundreds of migratory birds tagged on Western Australia's 80 Mile Beach by volunteer
researchers ... (ABC Online)

  3/4/2015 CUBA - Search-team finds one of the world’s most threatened waterbirds ... first documented sighting in
more than four decades ... (Birdlife International)

  3/4/2015 PA DEP begins live steaming web cam of Harrisburg Peregrine Falcons ... (Fox 43 York)
  3/4/2015 Scientists find tropical plant that knows whose bill is in its flowers ... (ScienceNews)
  3/4/2015 Study shows how mitigation boosts sage-grouse nesting ... (Summit County Citizens Voice)
  3/4/2015 SNOWstorm data shows Michigan Snowy Owl doesn't move much ...
  3/4/2015 Logging industry fails again to strip threatened seabird of protections ...
(Center for Biological Diversity)

  3/4/2015 VA MANASSAS - Officials say recent utility work is not a threat to Bald Eagles ... (Washington Post)
  3/4/2015 Where penguins hid during the last Ice Age ... (RedOrbit)
  3/4/2015 UK Britain's birder's campaign to legalize cannabis ... (Audubon Magazine)
  3/2/2015 CUBA - American birders anxious to explore, protect Cuban species ... (NPR)
  3/2/2015 NM VIDEOLINK ... Watch Sandhill Cranes try to walk on thin ice ... (Mother Nature Network)
  3/2/2015 CA 2 eggs mark start of California Condor breeding season at Safari Park ... (Fox 5 San Diego)
  3/2/2015 CA Researchers flock to inaugural citizen science meeting ... (Cornell Chronicle)
  3/2/2015 FL Some Marco residents concerned over safety of Burrowing Owls ... (NBC2 News)
  3/2/2015 NY ULSTER COUNTY - Rare Gyrfalcon a sight to behold ... (Times Herald-Record)
  3/2/2015 VA Trap-Neuter-Release bills defeated in Virginia ... (
  3/2/2015 PA Snowy Owls make a pit stop in Perry County ... (
  3/2/2015 Risking everything to save endangered songbirds ... (New Scientist)
  3/2/2015 UK Lapwing numbers at record high on RSPB Malltraeth Marsh reserve ... (Surfbirds News)
  3/2/2015 SWEDEN - Out of fear of racism, Sweden changes the names of bird species ... (Washington Post)
  3/2/2015 NETHERLANDS - Giant owl terrorizing a small Dutch town ... (Washington Post)
 2/27/2015 PA Rare Snowy Owls back in the Philly area a second winter ... (
 2/27/2015 New study finds many animals may have horrible short-term memories ... (National Geographic)
 2/27/2015 WA Crow brings gifts to little girl who feeds him ... (BBC News)
 2/27/2015 NJ TRENTON - Peregrine Falcon nest box installation in Trenton ... (Conserve Wildlife Found. of NJ)
 2/27/2015 NY NEW YORK - NYPD, Wild Bird Fund team up to save pair of Red-tailed Hawks ... (CBS New York)
 2/27/2015 PHILIPPINES - Birdwatching activities suspended in Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park ... after birders
caught in military crossfire ... (Minda News)



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